Why You Need A Salesforce Consulting Partner In 2023

Salesforce Consulting Partner in 2023

Welcome to the digital age, where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms such as Salesforce are no longer an optional luxury but essential tools for businesses. As we move into 2023, its role has never been more critical – however, implementing and managing it may prove more complex than expected. That is where having a Salesforce Consulting Partner comes into play – This comprehensive guide reveals why having one can maximize your CRM investment

The Evolution of Salesforce in 2023

Salesforce has grown exponentially since its start as a simple sales automation tool. Since then, it has expanded into a full-fledged CRM platform, offering marketing automation, analytics and customer service services. Salesforce is not simply software; it’s an ecosystem designed to revolutionize business operations.

Salesforce recently unveiled numerous features designed to advance data analytics, AI insights and customer service functions that help businesses like yours stay ahead of the competition.

A Quick History of Salesforce

Salesforce was established by Marc Benioff and Parker Harris in 1999 with a singular mission in mind: making enterprise software available via the Internet. Since then, Salesforce has become a multi-billion dollar conglomerate that has forever altered how businesses engage their customers.

How Salesforce Has Adapted to Market Needs

Salesforce has been agile in adapting to market trends. From incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities with Salesforce Einstein to launching industry-specific solutions like Health Cloud and Financial Services Cloud, Salesforce has consistently stayed ahead of the curve.

AI and Automation Trends

Salesforce Einstein has become more than just an added feature – it is an integral business component with predictive analytics that can predict sales trends, customer behaviours and even operation bottlenecks. Furthermore, AI-powered chatbots not only answer FAQs; they can handle complex customer service scenarios that free up human resources for more strategic tasks.

What Does a Salesforce Consulting Partner Do?

Role and Responsibilities

A Salesforce Consulting Partner serves as an extension of your team, guiding you through every stage of your Salesforce journey—from initial planning and implementation to ongoing support and optimization.

Consulting partners offer various services, including but not limited to data migration, system customization, user training, and ongoing support. They also provide strategic consulting to align Salesforce with your overall business objectives.

How They Differ from In-House Teams and Freelance Consultants

While in-house teams may understand your business well, they often lack the specialized Salesforce expertise that consulting partners offer. On the other hand, freelance consultants may show knowledge but lack the bandwidth to handle large-scale implementations. Consulting partners strike a balance by providing both expertise and scalability.

Navigating Complexity

Salesforce is an expansive platform with an intricate learning curve. An expert consultant can assist in navigating its complexities to maximize its capabilities for maximum use.

Customization and Personalization

Every business is different, and so a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. Working with a consulting partner to customize Salesforce to your company needs — including creating personalized dashboards or customer journeys, may be crucial to success.

Risk Mitigation

Implementing a new CRM system poses risks like data loss and downtime. A consulting partner can help minimize these risks to ensure a smooth transition process.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Consulting partners don’t simply offer one-time setups; their role extends far beyond this initial setup phase. They provide ongoing support, ensuring your Salesforce platform remains optimized as your business expands, such as regular updates, troubleshooting issues, and training for team members. GetOnCRM Solutions stands out as an exceptional Silver Consulting Partner by offering unparalleled support with their specialized support team to ensure you continue reaping the rewards of Salesforce’s ever-evolving features.

Long-term Strategic Planning

An expert Salesforce consulting partner can also assist with long-term strategic planning. They will show you how to scale Salesforce solutions as your business expands, keeping ahead of any trends or future releases of Salesforce and incorporating any features into existing setups.

The Scope of Customization in Salesforce

Salesforce provides extensive customization options explicitly tailored to its users’ business needs, from creating custom fields and objects to designing customized dashboards and reports. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

How a Consulting Partner Can Guide You

Consulting partners can be invaluable assets when it comes to Salesforce customization. They will identify the most appropriate customization options that help meet your business goals while making sure you maximize the return on your Salesforce investment.

Real-world Examples of Effective Customization

Uber and Spotify have taken great strides in customizing Salesforce to their business models. Uber uses Salesforce to manage its vast network of drivers and riders, while Spotify uses Salesforce for user tracking, engagement and preference analysis.

The Selection Process

Identifying Your Needs

Before you choose a consulting partner, you need to identify your needs. Are you looking for ongoing support or need help with a specific project? Knowing your needs can guide your selection process.

Vetting Potential Partners

Look for partners with a proven track record, certified Salesforce consultants, and case studies demonstrating their expertise.

Questions to Ask Before Committing

As soon as you’re about to commit, asking the appropriate questions is of utmost importance. Begin by inquiring about their experience working with businesses of your size and industry; request case studies where they’ve solved similar complex issues as yours; discuss timelines and any risk mitigation measures available to them; don’t forget!

Challenges in Data Migration

Data migration can be an intricate and time-consuming task involving moving it from legacy systems into Salesforce, often facing difficulties due to data corruption or compatibility issues.

How a Consulting Partner Simplifies This Process

An expert Salesforce Consulting Partner can streamline data migration by employing specialized tools and adhering to best practices, guaranteeing its safe transfer without losing or corrupting the original information.

Integration with Other Software and Platforms

Salesforce is often just one component of a company’s software stack, and consulting partners are essential in ensuring it integrates effectively with other systems like SAP ERP or HubSpot marketing platforms. They provide Salesforce works smoothly alongside them.

Cost and ROI

Understanding the Investment

Hiring a Salesforce consulting partner is an investment in your company’s future. Costs may differ depending on the project’s scope, but investing in one provides long-term benefits to your business.

Measuring ROI

The return on investment goes beyond just monetary gains. A consulting partner can help improve team productivity, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation. Tools like Salesforce Analytics can provide detailed reports on these metrics, helping you understand the true ROI of your investment in a consulting partner.

The Evolving Landscape of Data Security

In today’s digital age, data security is more important than ever. Maintaining data security is a constant challenge with increasing cyber threats.

How Consulting Partners Ensure Compliance

Consulting partners have an in-depth knowledge of compliance regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, ensuring your Salesforce implementation complies with data protection laws. They can easily guide you through this complex landscape to provide a compliant performance.

GDPR, CCPA, and Other Regulations

Understanding these regulations is of utmost importance for any business, and consulting partners can assist in navigating this complex landscape.

Case Studies: Real-World Success Stories

Automating Furniture Retail Operations with Salesforce

GetOnCRM Solutions partnered with a leading North American furniture retailer to resolve manual order processing and sales tracking challenges. The collaboration led to a 40% acceleration in the sales cycle, a 35% boost in productivity, and a 28% increase in revenue. Critical solutions included:

1. Automating the order processing.

2. Enhancing tracking systems for samples and drawings.

3. Streamlining the Quote-to-Order process.

The result was a transformative impact on the retailer’s operations, making them more efficient and profitable.

Streamlining Service Operations with Salesforce FSL for Service King Company

GetOnCRM successfully implemented Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning (FSL) and integrated it with a mobile app on Heroku for Service King Company, a cleaning and maintenance service provider—the project streamlined service partner onboarding, job inquiries, and customer orders across multiple channels. Key challenges included integrating public URLs, mobile apps, and payment systems, effectively addressed through various Salesforce modules.

The result was a more efficient appointment and payment management system, enhancing operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Salesforce NPSP Boosts Operational Efficiency for Gender Equality Non-Profit

GetOnCRM successfully implemented Salesforce’s NonProfit Success Pack (NPSP) for a non-profit dedicated to raising gender and racial parity in corporate leadership. The project integrated Salesforce with the organization’s WordPress site to streamline account hierarchies and donation tracking. Despite challenges in customizing lead conversion and page layouts, the team leveraged Salesforce Lightning components to achieve seamless data synchronization. As a result, the non-profit can now efficiently manage donations, sponsorships, and donor data, aligning closely with its mission objectives.

Tailoring Salesforce Einstein Chatbot for a Global Bathroom & Kitchen Fitting Brand

GetOnCRM successfully customized Salesforce’s Einstein Chatbot for a leading global bathroom and kitchen solutions provider. Despite challenges in integrating advanced features into the client’s non-Salesforce website, the team developed innovative solutions.

They used lightning snapping classes and custom CSS to personalize the chatbot’s header and UI. Additionally, they integrated in-chat video call options and embedded screen flows within Lightning Web Components. As a result, the client now offers a highly interactive and personalized customer service experience, setting a new standard in their industry.

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The Future of Salesforce and Consulting Partnerships

Upcoming Salesforce Trends

Salesforce is constantly evolving. Upcoming trends include enhanced AI capabilities and even more robust analytics tools.

The Evolving Role of Consulting Partners

Consulting partners are evolving from mere service providers to strategic business advisors. They’re now expected to offer insights into market trends and customer behaviours and suggest business process improvements. That is where GetOnCRM Solutions provides a distinct advantage as a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner. With a team of certified consultants and industry experts, they provide technical expertise and strategic business advice.


Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool that can revolutionize your business operations. However, to unlock its full potential, you need the expertise of a Salesforce Consulting Partner. From implementation and customization to ongoing support and compliance, a consulting partner is invaluable at every stage of your Salesforce journey. As we navigate through 2023, partnering with the right experts can make all the difference in how effectively you leverage Salesforce to achieve your business goals.

Choosing GetOnCRM Solutions as your Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner is a commitment to excellence. Focusing on delivering accurate, measurable results, they offer a comprehensive suite of services beyond mere implementation. From strategic planning to ongoing support, they are the partners you need for a successful Salesforce journey.

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