What Are The 5 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Updates To Consider?

salesforce marketing cloud

Being involved in Marketing Cloud is always exciting because Salesforce Marketing Cloud has continued to gain popularity over the past few years. You could use Marketing Cloud, be an administrator, or help businesses get the most out of their technology investment. Regardless, everyone should invest in staying up to date on everything the platform has to offer.

The Marketing Cloud enhancements in the Spring 22 release focus on Salesforce Marketing Cloud Datorama, Interaction Studio, and Einstein Analytics, Salesforce’s additional products. These are only included in some Marketing Cloud packages but are very useful. Let’s start with the most important features that Marketing Cloud got in the Spring 22 release and then talk about what Marketing Cloud should be like in 2022.

What 5 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Updates To Consider For Your Next Campaign?

1. Einstein Copy Insights

Marketers are well aware of the significance of crafting an engaging subject line that will pique the interest of their target audience. The subject lines of the message determine whether the message will be opened and the relevant object or offer will be delivered. With its new ability to use Einstein Send Time Optimization for your batch and bulk send emails from Automation Studio, Einstein Analytics has become a more natural extension of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Einstein Copy Insights analyses the text in your commercial email subject lines using text analytics and natural language processing to discover language insights. Create subject lines that increase email engagement using these insights. Einstein Engagement Scoring for Email predicts five different engagement scores for each customer contact in each customer’s business unit, which is an exciting new addition.

By comparing it to previous subject lines and their engagement rates, you can use the performance tester to determine how likely your header line will affect a message’s conversion rate. You can compare up to ten distinct subject lines or evaluate just one. This feature sends emails to your contacts at optimal times to maximize engagement.

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2. Einstein Content Testing

To upgrade commitment, immediately test pictures utilizing mechanized or manual A/B/n testing in Einstein Content Testing. You can automate selection for images with the highest click-to-open rate in a large send or conduct preliminary tests before a significant send. Up to 32 images can be tested at once. Einstein Content Selection, which comprises targeted content and fatigue rules based on user preferences, can be used if your requirements are more complex.

Marketers are at the forefront of Einstein Content Selection’s development. The entire personalization process can be automated with the help of a drag-and-drop, no-code interface. You don’t have to divide your audience into different groups or hire an IT team to write SQL queries. Instead, it grants marketers the authority to conditionally incorporate relevant content into emails to increase subscriber engagement.

As it lets you see how each content performs across various emails at the Subscriber level, Einstein Content Selection also extends the lifespan of your image assets. Additionally, you can establish clear guidelines for which pieces of particular content groups should or should not view. By utilizing AI-led content curation that selects the asset that is most relevant at the time of opening, this feature increases your rate of click-to-open.

3. Automatic fallback

On the Interactive Email CloudPage destination they set for the block, marketers can add a call-to-action button with automatic fallback that links directly to the email form. Marketers can quickly and easily create forms that work for various email clients with the Email Form block. Marketers had to come up with alternate experiences up until now.

Some people could drive to a form already there, but others had to make a second form using CloudPages smart capture or another tool, which was harder. The Interactive Email increases customer engagement by allowing subscribers to submit forms without leaving their inboxes.

Users can interact with the content of the email. Marketers can use the Interactive Email to get subscriber information directly from forms in an email, such as profile data, sales leads, and product reviews. Therefore, choosing a Certified Salesforce Consulting partner is crucial for the best out of this feature.

Get the best Salesforce Development Services for your business from GetOnCRM
Get the best Salesforce Development Services for your business from GetOnCRM

4. Smart Capture in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Smart capture is a feature in Salesforce Marketing Cloud that lets you import an individual’s information from a website or landing page into the List, Data Extension, or an external data source. To use Smart Capture, your account must have either the landing pages or microsites features enabled. It would be best if you comprehended AMPscript to utilize the high-level elements of Shrewd Catch.

However, you can utilize the fundamental usefulness without information on AMPscript. Before using Smart Capture on new accounts still being integrated with Salesforce, the Marketing cloud integration services need to be finished. Your account must have data extensions enabled before selecting a data extension as the target for the data.

Presently, you can choose any information augmentation to refresh. The system generates the form and displays it in the form editor after you select the data target. The editor automatically populates the required fields for the selected data target.

Because Smart Capture does not have a feature that allows you to retrieve the lists already in your account, it is impossible to use it to create a bespoke Subscription Center. However, you can enable leads to subscribe to and unsubscribe from a static set of lists, data extensions, and publications by hard-coding lists and publication lists into Smart Capture form elements.

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5. Controls For Compliance

The new Email Studio setup options for Profile Link Check, Physical Address Check, and Unsubscribe Link Check give administrators direct control over these compliance settings. Control over these options helps customers adhere to CAN-SPAM, GDPR, or other local regulations and prevents delays in setting up email campaigns.|

Administrators can set these options up by the business unit. In the past, customers who needed to use Marketing Cloud’s first-party services for managing subscribers and content contacted support to disable these options.


The Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help boost your company’s marketing and accomplish your digital marketing objectives more quickly. The Salesforce universe keeps growing daily with new releases, updates, and features. Users need help to keep up with the latest enhancements to the Salesforce ecosystem. A dedicated Marketing Cloud-certified team will implement a customized marketing campaign for your business if you want Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation services for your next marketing campaign.

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