Tips & Tricks To Help You Get Started With Salesforce Lightning Web Development Part 2

salesforce lightning services

Tip 6: Utilize the CLI (Command Line Interface) Help for Salesforce Lightning Web Development

As a Salesforce developer, you should not fear CLI but embrace it! Salesforce extensions offer a big palette of command tools, but CLI is better! The CLI help feature within the technology gives you access to all of the latest docs that will explain to you what it offers for Salesforce Lightning web development.

Access the help feature by typing out sfdx help in the terminal window of Visual Studio Code. You will get the help topics within the interface to select the individual topics for further help. For instance, suppose you are willing to help with the topic ‘Force.’ You should then type sfdx force –help to access the details of that topic.

Similarly, if you are willing to learn how to create your first Salesforce DX Project, you must type sfdx force:project:create –help. And, you will have all sorts of basic information to get started with your first project. The course you took will help brush up your knowledge and remember the approach after seeing the help steps over CLI.

Tip 7: Make Use of Base Lightning Components

The base lightning components of Salesforce intend to make your life easy as a developer. These components are enabled for high-performance upon creating a website with Salesforce. You need to go through all of the basic lightning components before you can implement them for your Salesforce website development aspects.

You can also access the component library that will be offering you a mini Salesforce Lightning playground. It allows you to access the sample JavaScript and HTML directly. You can use it to test your components and compile sample codes for a better understanding.

Tip 8: Refer to the Codes within Sample App Gallery

If you are starting fresh upon utilizing the Salesforce Lightning services for website development, you might check the Sample App Gallery. This gallery consists of real-world codes designed by proficient developers within the Salesforce relations group.

These codes are liable for demonstrating the new features of Salesforce and the best practices and measures upon creating the best Lightning Web Components. You will also find short snippets of codes focusing on performing specific key operations.

There is a specific section of LWC Recipes that offers you a lot of examples of Lightning Web Components. In this broad section of recipes, you will get the instances for learning how to connect LWC to Apex, combining two components, creating a form, and others.

The list of sub-categories of components that the LWC Recipes have examples of are:

  • Apex
  • Data Service
  • Composition
  • Child-to-Parent
  • Parent-to-Child
  • Pub/Sub
  • Aura Interop
  • Wire
  • Navigation
  • Miscellaneous or Misc
  • Third-Party Libraries
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Tip 9: Best Salesforce LWC Practices and Considerations for Website Development

When building websites with Salesforce Lightning services, you must consider implementing the best practices. The best practice of Salesforce LWC is to use the lightning data service functions for creating, recording, and deleting specific records upon invoking the Apex methods.

There are certain use cases where you are demanded to use multiple records for utilizing the Apex methods. Lightning Data Service is developed over the top of the UI API. It is accountable as the public Salesforce API used for developing the Lightning Experience or LEX.

As the name suggests, UI API has the design to help develop the design of the Salesforce UI easily! It provides metadata and data in just a single response. From your site design perspective, you need to check if you are porting an existing website or building a website from scratch. If you integrate Salesforce Lightning web development tactics for porting a site, its performance might get affected.

While utilizing the web authentication concerns, count on developing the website with communities. It will help prevent access to all of the protective content within your website.


So, these are the tips and probable tricks that you need to adapt for the sake of utilizing this modern-day Lightning Web Components concept for building proficient websites. Salesforce Lightning services are upgrading over time, and this concept is advancing your potential of adding impeccable features to your website. The Salesforce Lightning concept is growing in the present era and eventually gives Salesforce a more progressive demand for the future.

So, take up impactful courses to master this web development scheme. And if you are not a developer but still want your website to be built over Salesforce Lightning Web Components, you can count on hiring professionals in this field. The professionals are aware of technical considerations to help meet your custom expectations from the website.

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