Things To Consider While Outsourcing Salesforce Appexchange App Development

Salesforce Appexchange App Development

Salesforce AppExchange is certainly the biggest platform for B2B applications. It’s like the explicit marketplace at present for those developing B2B apps. Any business would love to make the most of this mega marketplace. There is so much emphasis towards Salesforce AppExchange app development as having the app on AppExchange can significantly increase its visibility among customers.

Of course, the quality of the application is essential to be optimal, considering that everyone wants to be a part of this marketplace. Keeping this in mind, most business groups prefer outsourcing Salesforce AppExchange App development. However, simply outsourcing is not going to assure quality. The outsourcer needs to be equally responsible as well. In this context, the following are some of the key points one must consider before outsourcing.

Know the Things You Must Specify and Things the PDO Must Handle

One can’t just relax as an investor simply upon outsourcing the task. It is extremely important to have thorough knowledge and clarity about the product. Only when you manage to express your idea well, will the developer be able to turn it into reality. Specifically, you need to depict to the developer the kind of issue your product is supposed to address. You must specify whether it has to target any certain industry or any certain technology. Handling numerous approvals from Salesforce and various other related aspects can be hectic.

Hence, make sure that the Salesforce AppExchange App Development services you hire are ready to handle all these. It is always suggested to communicate with the developer or PDO about the most appropriate license models that can be most significant. Be specific, whether Enterprise models can be suitable or community-based. Make sure that the PDO is ready to handle these things related to Salesforce on your behalf.

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Right Pricing Decision

Pricing is important irrespective of the scale of product one develops. To simplify things, one must decide about the pricing by the product’s worth. One may opt for carrying the application forward as a free service product to a premium service. In this context, make sure that the PDO has ideas to suggest when the app can be converted into a premium service. A PDO must possess the knowledge to validate the idea suggested by you.

Security Concerns

Just like cost, safety is another key aspect one must consider regarding applications. Considering the growing threats from hackers, make sure you have clarity about the kind of safety measures you wish. Salesforce often asks various questions regarding the security aspect of the product. Make sure that the PDO addresses these things well about the application.

DevOps Activities

It is extremely important to handle DevOps activity with perfection as it is associated with the future. In this context, make sure that the developer has clarity about the possible reasons or chances of failure. Most importantly, make sure that you are satisfied with the ideas given by the PDO. One must understand that the products are bound to witness changes through their life, and these changes must be handled well. Hence, make sure that the PDO is experienced enough in dealing with DevOps activities prior.

Right Testing Standard to Follow

The good news is that there are several testing options one can find in AppExchange Development to ensure the product’s all-around success. However, it is not essential to go through all the testing procedures. In short, it is essential to make sure that the app goes through the right kind of testing process. Make sure that the PDO possesses sound knowledge about this and suggests the right things.

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Experience Concerned with Your Business

Last but not least, experience is one of the most crucial aspects you must ensure while opting to outsource Salesforce AppExchange development. Make sure that the developer is experienced enough in developing applications about your business. It would be better to inquire about their past works or developments and their success.

On A Concluding Note

Upon taking the above aspects into account, one can certainly be able to find the right developer. To conclude, product knowledge, clarity about pricing, safety standards or norms, handling DevOps activities, and thorough testing is the major points one must consider before outsourcing Salesforce AppExchange development.

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