Things To Consider Before Getting Started With Salesforce AppExchange Development

Salesforce AppExchange App Development services

Do you know why Salesforce is considered a leading CRM solution provider in the industry? One of the major reasons behind this is the platform offers different types of modules that can be used to activate different customer processes. But the fact is that the process will vary from one company to another, and every business needs some unique solutions. In some cases, they may need to customize this platform to easily integrate it into their custom solutions. And that is why AppExchange was introduced in 2006.

What Is This, And How Huge Is the AppExchange Platform?

In simple words, Salesforce AppExchange is a leading enterprise marketplace, and till now, it has recorded more than 5000 listings, 90,000 reviews, and more than 8 million installs. It has different apps, including both paid and free, that a business can choose based on their requirements. The solutions offered by AppExchange can be classified into four major categories: product collection, industry collection, finance solution, and top categories.

Why Do Most Businesses Create Apps for AppExchange?

Before considering the Salesforce AppExchange App Development services, you should know that top-notch apps for customer services, analytics, marketing, and sales are available on the AppExchange marketplace. In fact, as per the data, one software is being used by more than 90 percent of the total 100 organizations.

Some experts have suggested that salesforce developers and companies should publish their apps on AppExchange. This way, they can easily enhance their yield by introducing your solutions to a highly professional market.

However, developing a perfect app or solution for AppExchange is not an easy task, and that’s why some companies prefer to hire Salesforce AppExchange Consultants. They can help them in this process.  But you should know that not all the consultants are the same. So, how to choose the right one to get started with Salesforce AppExchange development? Well, here are some effective tips that a business can consider.

Before Getting Started with This, Hire A Professional Salesforce Consulting Company

Salesforce AppExchange development can take a few days to years, and you need someone who can constantly offer you the best Salesforce AppExchange Development services. So, you can’t just hire someone based on your spontaneous decision. The industry experts have suggested considering the following points while hiring a Salesforce consultant.

Clarify Your Reason for The App

To start with, first, you need to develop a clear understanding of the industry challenges that you want to solve. This way, you can develop a list of features that you should integrate into the app. In general, with AppExchange, you can go for three types of custom development. These are:

  • embedded- These are white label Salesforce apps and can be sold to businesses who don’t use the platform. For example, virtual regulatory solutions, ICIX, and more.
  • Native apps- Such apps are developed using the Salesforce platform.
  • Connector apps- Such apps connect the Salesforce to the SaaS applications.

Check The Skillset of The Consultant

Based on the type of AppExchange app you want to develop, make sure the service provider has enough technical skills to offer you the best solutions. This is where you should check the availability of Salesforce awards and certificates. Besides, the company should look into the previous case and tools or software they use. Besides, make sure that they can offer different AppExchange app development services, for example, app design, app packaging, adapter development, custom connectors, app migration to, and more.

What About Experience and Expertise?

You should always Hire Salesforce AppExchange experts by checking their experience and expertise. Check the type and industries of the project for which they have worked. This will make sure that they understand the industry traits. On the other hand, if the service provider has sufficient knowledge about clouds, CPQ, Pardot, Visualforce, and MuleSoft. What’s more? Don’t forget to check the team size. With a small company, you may not enjoy the desired level of expertise. On the other hand, large companies like to handle long-term projects.

Check The Costs as Well as The Location

The cost of hiring the Salesforce AppExchange Consultants will vary based on the location. For example, an AppExchange consultant from the USA and the UK with almost the same experience and skill level will differ in prices. So, if you have a low budget, then hiring a local Salesforce consultant can be a good option.

What Are Supports Available?

Before hiring Salesforce AppExchange Development services providers, check how they support their clients. For example, through online forums, phone or email? Besides, check the response time. It will be better to ask other users who have used their services to know about their customer support quality.

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By following these tips, you can easily Hire Salesforce AppExchange experts who will develop your next dream AppExchange software or app. Furthermore, they can offer you the right solution in the cost quickest and cost-efficient way. Developing a good app for Salesforce AppExchange can be time-consuming and challenging, but you don’t have to worry about anything with the right kind of experts.

GetOnCRM Solutions, as a leading Salesforce Development Company in the UK & India, our team of Salesforce-trained professionals will assist you in bringing your project to life in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. We create excellent AppExchange applications that are tailored to your specific business needs.