Supercharge Your Marketing Analytics With Salesforce Pardot

Supercharge Your Marketing Analytics With Salesforce Pardot Implementation

When it comes to marketing automation, Salesforce Pardot is certainly a leading name. This is useful for marketers in preparing marketing collateral. At the same time, it enables marketers to take actions in an automated fashion by facilitating interaction. Starting from landing pages to contact forms, Pardot provides a huge range of marketing collateral.

Moreover, it can be the most comprehensive tool for handling it all, starting from initiating with a prospect to turning it into a deal. However, it’s not just about automating the marketing efforts; Pardot has its marketing analytics suite as well. Automating the marketing campaign combined with analytics can make the campaign significantly productive.

Below abstracts throw light into how Salesforce Pardot Implementation can take marketing analytics to the next level:

Key Features of Salesforce Analytics

Marketing analytics delivers superior analytics experience coming with a native dashboard and incredible customization features. Pardot comes with an explicit dashboard for B2B analytic dashboard can help in tracking the way prospects conduct interaction with the collaterals. Furthermore, it enables the analysts to visualize the same through various metrics.

Obtaining such details can certainly be helpful for marketers in generating superior content and delivering better returns on their investments. B2B analytics suite can be availed through Pardot along with a next-level license. Other than dashboards, marketing analytics offers speculative models and suggestions for enhancing collateral performance. Noteworthy here is that the high-end features of such can’t be enjoyed through the standard offering. Rather, it needs to be introduced as a distinct module with additional expenses.

Superior Customization

Salesforce Pardot comes with customizable dashboards that enable having a comprehensive view of the business and start reporting from the first day. It enables the user to create custom views of data and save them in lenses for future access. Superior analytics enables marketers to share insights instantly. One can certainly expect greater sales when there is proper coordination between marketing efforts and sales. Upon connecting with the data of a third party, it provides a uniform view of the entire data and facilitates streamlined reporting over one platform.

Need to scale your marketing team quickly? GetOnCRM can help with Salesforce Pardot
Need to scale your marketing team quickly? GetOnCRM can help with Salesforce Pardot

Additional Features

Marketers may make most of the mobile app instantly access the data and share marketing decisions backed by data and the team. An attribution dashboard enables insight towards the channels, creates awareness, and drives deals towards its closure. Through Intelligent Insights, marketers can gain crucial recommendations driven by AI. Enterprise Scale enables swiftly exploring the huge range of data points through the most reliable cloud platform in the world. Upon comparing Salesforce Pardot pricing with such incredible features, it certainly seems worthy of it.

B2B analytics provides several out-of-box dashboards that let the user visualize data from various perspectives that can be useful for a marketer. The best part provides the key detail in a matter of few clicks regarding the whole range of regular uses. There is a custom dashboard available and B2B analytics in those cases where the native dashboards are not felt sufficient. One can set these dashboards straightaway upon tapping on datasets, as well as generating views through those.

How to Get Started With?

Salesforce Pardot integration is quite easy and can be accomplished in quick times. It demands an account of Pardot plus an Enterprise account of Salesforce or even higher edition. It is essential to ensure that the Salesforce instance is enabling the linked feature of campaigns. Above all, one must possess fundamental ideas regarding marketing automation, as well as analytics. However, those unaware may hire Salesforce Pardot experts for greater understanding.

Salesforce Pardot enables in getting started through pre-developed marketing KPIs, as well as best practices. This enables the marketer to thoroughly understand things to have occurred with the entire campaign, the reason behind this, and things to happen.

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Challenges It Addresses

B2B marketing analytics by Salesforce Pardot can significantly address a range of challenges. First of all, it can make lead management easy and simple. Pardot automation helps in boosting the total leads obtained through websites, events, and a whole range of campaigns. Analytics makes things even more advanced by providing better insights regarding communication. All in all, marketing analytics is the X factor about Salesforce Pardot that drags greater interest of marketers towards it. However, those not fully aware of these may take the help of Salesforce Pardot consultants for better insights.

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