A Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Integrate Slack With Salesforce

Salesforce Slack integration

Salesforce is a leading CRM tool, and Slack is a popular workplace communication platform. Using both the tools in a unified way, teams in an organization can communicate smoothly, and the connections with customers will enhance. Salesforce helps businesses to satisfy existing customers while acquiring new ones.

Through Salesforce Slack integration services, organizations can send or receive notifications and execute all commands without any limitations. In this in-depth blog, you will learn about the process of integrating Salesforce and Slack. But first, let’s understand the features of Salesforce and Slack separately.

Overview of Salesforce

Salesforce utilizes SaaS or Software-as-a-Service to allow organizations to establish a connection with partners, other companies, and customers. Any business focuses on customer experience, and Salesforce supports businesses to seamlessly communicate with leads and customers. The platform aid businesses in tracking consumer behaviour, gaining data insights, and dealing with complaints. It enables users to maintain user contacts, manage operations, generate reports, and enhance social engagement. The major Salesforce features include:

  • Lead nurturing that helps businesses to generate more sales and attract more clients.
  • Einstein Analytics extracts data, forecasts sales, and helps to create shareable reports.
  • CRM Automation of Salesforce automates business operations and suggests the next action.

Overview of Slack

Slack is a team collaboration communication platform that improves real-time communication between team members. It is an instant messaging application providing private chat, direct message options, and chat rooms. Slack is quite compatible with countless apps due to its high-performance API. It is helpful to handle bulk emails in one go. There are many features of Slack, and some major ones are listed below.

  • The message pinning feature helps pin important messages or links, and the team can access it whenever they want.
  • Remind command allows you to set a reminder about any meeting or event.
  • Slack’s Advanced Search bar enables the team to discover files of an exact match.
  • The setting customization feature helps in tailoring the application according to your preference.
  • The Task Management option allows companies to streamline their workflow.
salesforce integration services
salesforce integration services

Steps For Integrating Slack with Salesforce

Slack Salesforce integration is slightly different from other programs, so you should consider approaching a Salesforce integration company. By installing Salesforce App on the Slack account, you can send or receive notifications in a limitless manner. You have to connect Salesforce and Slack accounts for complete integration while assigning the required rights. Slack needs to get API access, and it can operate with Developer, Enterprise, Professional, or Unlimited Editions of Salesforce. Here are six simple steps to integrate both platforms easily.

Step #1: Installing Slack Package

First, you have to open Salesforce, and you will see the AppExchange marketplace in the Settings Cog. Select it and search for Slack. Then, click on the application that Slack Technologies developed. If you are logged out, then enter Salesforce credentials to enter into the platform. You also can install Salesforce Slack in the Sandbox or production environment. After installing Sandbox, you can go for Admins Only installation. In a few minutes, the application will install.

Step #2: Granting Users Permission

Grant your users permission to connect with Slack and record data in Salesforce. If any user makes changes in the Salesforce record, the notification is sent to Slack. In the Settings Cog, you will find permission Sets. Then press the Standard User button and then proceed to click Manage Assignments. You have to check boxes of users who can alter Salesforce records. The Salesforce integration company can do all these for you and ad assignments the way you want.

Step #3: Execute Slack Setup Wizard

With Salesforce integration services, the Salesforce Slack application can easily run. For connecting both the platforms, run the setup wizard and edit any field if you want. You will run the Setup Assistant by clicking on the app launcher and then on Slack Setup.

Step #4: Connecting to Slack

Slack Setup connects Salesforce and Slack. Click authorize to enter Salesforce credentials and connect to Slack. After this, both platforms will connect.

Step #5: Adding Custom Objects

In the integrated app, you will find standard Salesforce objects. But if you want your Salesforce Slack integration to be more tailored, you can create custom objects on Salesforce and share them to Slack. You have to press the Add Custom object option and check the object’s name. When you find it, click Add, have the custom object.

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Step #6: Setting Up alerts

You receive numerous features in Slack that ease out the team’s tasks. It is easier to set alerts on Slack and change it anytime you like. Moreover, you can check the status of customers or leads. Open Salesforce in Slack, and on the homepage of the application, press the Set Up My Alerts button. This will enable all alerts you want from Salesforce and then click Save to receive alerts.


The above process might have provided you insights into Salesforce and Slack integration. Organizations need to have both platform accounts to authorize permission for setting up the integration process. If you do not have all these things, it is better to go for a reliable company that deals with Salesforce integration with other platforms.

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