Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack (NPSP): All-In-One Tool For Non-Profits

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack services

Salesforce doesn’t just offer a CRM for commercial businesses. It has something exceptional for non-profit organizations too! The Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack services. It is an arrangement of managed bundles created by and is available through Salesforce AppExchange. It streamlines the philanthropic management of the entire organization. The pack has an adaptable, open information design with pre-constructed traits and administration segments. It can be synced with the popular Salesforce Classic and the Lightning version.

There’s something that makes it the #1 CRM for charities, the features! So let’s have a look at the different Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack features!!


Raising money is crucial for every non-profit venture. The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack services cover just that. The Pack is still at the adjustable stage so, you can synchronize it not just with your other tools but also with other software that will help you achieve your mission. It can be used by businesses of all scales.

Agile Data Structure

Did you know you can actually boost your NonProfit Success Pack’s efforts by using it with Salesforce? You can grow your organization and broaden the boundaries with unbeatable coordination powered by great Appexchange And other Salesforce-driven software. There’s surely increased scope when your pack’s infrastructure is very progressive.


You can create precise cycles for your fundraising when you go for the Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack implementation service. IT oversees all your members, prizes, followers all at once.  The process that the pack follows is quite innovative, run by engagements and not entries of data!  It also gives in-depth reporting and dashboards to track goals.

Get the best Salesforce Development Services for your business from GetOnCRM
Get the best Salesforce Development Services for your business from GetOnCRM


When you start off with the Salesforce NonProfit Pack, you get associated with clientele across 80 nations. You can share anything on the forum be it documents, procedures, or even codes. Stay as a connected NonProfit and reap advantages from the massive NonProfit community using the same pack.

Well, these were some of the Salesforce NPSP features. Here’s a glimpse of the benefits that these incredible features get to your desk!


We all know that different types of data in a single NonProfit organization enter the CRM differently. But that’s not the case with Salesforce’s NonProfit Success Pack. It gives you all the data in its apt form all in one place. You can access all data anywhere at all times from just one software.

Effortless data analysis

Well, we all know that in Salesforce it is almost effortless to visualize the data. This in turn makes it quite easy to analyze the data. Now you can quickly get insights into the different fundraisers and get to know which fundraiser was a success, which one requires changes, and the one which must be trashed.

Member contribution

When you start off as a NonProfit on the pack contributes ten organic users to your organization. Not just that it is light on the pocket as Salesforce is much cheaper than the other CRM available in the market. One more benefit is that Salesforce gives full access to Power of Us Hub where the software gives a question and answer centric to the pack and the software. Talk about contributing knowledge too!

Salesforce Development Services for your remote sales team
Salesforce Development Services for your remote sales team

Contributor and volunteer management

Managing donors and contributions is very easy with the Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack. You can set up different categories such as contributors, one-time donors, donation amount, volunteers, and other information. You can also come up with two separate accounts one for the Household and the other for the Organisation. Also, you can set different filters for users and members according to skills and nature.

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