Salesforce Lightning Development: The Key To Going Salesforce Success

Salesforce Lightning development Solutions

Salesforce in 2014 launched one of the biggest innovations, Lightning. It represents the Salesforce next generation by offering advanced analytics, user-centric interfaces, built-in automation, and better data entry for streamlining your workflow. The Salesforce Lightning development solutions get your emphasis on the area in which you can create the best impact. With the help of the Lightning interface, productivity increases by numerous times.

Lightning is a purely component-based framework created by keeping the needs of Salesforce enthusiasts who do not belong from a coding background in mind. The Salesforce lightning app development is quite easy, and it simplifies the process for users even if they have no programming experience.

Lightning includes a collection of technologies and tools that makes it easier to build responsive applications. Its components accelerate app performance, and its features enlighten the working experience in a whole new way. Have a look at the following features that make Lightning best for businesses.

Certain Top-Notch Features of Salesforce Lightning

       1. Technological Advancements

Salesforce Lightning is fully packed with technological advancement that supports improvising customer and interdepartmental relations. The updates each year also enhance the way you handle your business.

       2. Lightning Voice

This feature helps make voice calls directly through the Sales Cloud and allows to receive or make calls without even including cell phones. Moreover, this feature takes notes while receiving or making calls.

       3. Application Builder

It is an undeniable best part as it enables the Salesforce Lightning developer to build applications without coding. It means one does not have to be a coder to create applications on this platform. You will just need to do a few taps in the right places, and your work will be done. It includes custom components, pre-built components, and Lightning Exchange components.

Want to customise the UI of your Salesforce CRM
Want to customise the UI of your Salesforce CRM

       4. AppExchange

It can make available more than 50 partner components inside the App Builder. All you require to do is search for the application using the Lightning Ready symbol, and you can manage it according to your requirements.

       5. Steelbrick Feature

This feature is constructed on the Salesforce Lightning infrastructure. The CPQ, which means configure, price, and quote, allows the Cloud to perform all tasks in the business structure. Salesforce representatives can create contracts and proposals without any hassle. They can collect signatures even without signing out from the CRM.

The Lightning features evolve the working experiences of businesses, and numerous advantages of its functionality show that organizations should switch to it.

5 Most Important Advantages of Switching to Salesforce Lightning

       1. App-Focused

The app builder of Lightning is a great tool that allows organizations to build codeless applications for all business needs. The focus is on creating apps within Salesforce with unique workflows while automating tasks that consume time even without having technical knowledge. Salesforce Lightning development enables you to create apps, and you can tap into the AppExchange to find out an app that exactly has everything you are searching for.

       2. Enhanced Data Entry and Data Management

The Lightning platform eases out entering and managing data. Such capabilities are the representation of an ideal CRM. It has enhanced the major functionality of data management with Potential Duplicates, which analyzes and identifies any redundant data. The automated entry of data is one of the main focuses as it helps to scrape events and emails from the calendar and automatically associate them with appropriate records. Dynamic Forms also improve the entry and management of data. It enables users to build a user-centric and more intuitive page view that shows the correct information.

       3. Built-in Automation

Lightning comes with improved tools for helping users to automate the time-consuming or repetitive tasks that lead to streamlining daily workflows. The tools are within Process Builder and Lightning Flows, which already have programmed code functions. A Salesforce Lightning consultant can help you with your automation requirements and create a plan for your business using the Process builder to provide your maximum business benefits. Lightning Flow works at a much higher level and allows the users to invoke particular processes and automate complex workflows.

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       4. Overhauled Reporting

The Lightning platform is created around a refurbished reporting system. This reporting system provides more actionable and clear insights into the organization’s performance. The reporting and dashboard massively enhanced over Classic, and now the reports help find the things you are searching for with just a few configurations. Lightning’s reporting functionality provides an excellent user experience and makes it a lot easier to read, configure, and make decisions by viewing the reports.

       5. Stronger Security

The Salesforce platform is also prioritizing security factors and uses the LockerService feature. This feature limits the major exploits against Lightning components. In Lightning, Salesforce has implemented a two-factor authentication over the platform’s privilege changes and data access. It acts as an additional security layer against database leaks and phishing attacks.


Lightning is allowing organizations to perform everything efficiently, quickly, and with minimum effort. More and more businesses are switching to Lightning due to its innumerable advantages over others. It has become an essential key to Salesforce’s success as it multiplies efficiency and provides a better user experience. By adopting it, your organization’s operations will transform and will progress towards more profitable growth.

GetOnCRM’s Salesforce Lightning Development Services team’s rich experience in working with various components may come in handy for clients who want to develop a variety of solutions. Salesforce Lightning Development solutions play a major role in business app development.  Interestingly, these features work well with smartphones, as well as desktops.