Salesforce Integration With SharePoint What, When & How

Salesforce CRM platform is a very efficient platform for customer relationship management. However, to enhance the platform’s efficiency, a business needs to integrate the platform with other tools and functionalities. For example, it needs a good data management platform as a backup for data processes. Manual data management processes are very lengthy and inaccurate.

Therefore, businesses increasingly use automated data management platforms to handle large-scale data. SharePoint is a similar data management platform that can be integrated with Salesforce. Salesforce integration services with SharePoint are necessary as the platform handles customer data and market insights for processes. The SharePoint software works with multiple platforms to allow employees to share, access, and store sensitive business data.

Businesses are now switching to the Salesforce SharePoint integrated platform for the overall creation of a data management funnel. This article explains Salesforce CRM integration with the SharePoint platform and how it can benefit a company. The prerequisites of a Salesforce CRM and SharePoint integration are very simple and easy to access. For example, the prerequisites are as follows:

1. Salesforce Account:

The business would need a good Salesforce Account to access Salesforce CRM features for the integration process.

2. SharePoint Account:

The professionals also need access to Sharepoint through a created account and a profile.

3. Knowledge about the two platforms

The professional who will take up the Salesforce SharePoint integration process must be well acquainted with how the two platforms work. The Salesforce SharePoint integration process needs the help of a salesforce consultant who specializes in the process. The salesforce consultant may already work with the company or can be hired for the entire process on a short-term basis.

Before we go into the process of Salesforce CRM integration, let us know about the benefits that the SharePoint tool extends to the CRM platform.

The benefits of SharePoint integration are as follows:

1. Faster Navigation

The SharePoint portfolio allows fast navigation between different pages and faster data documentation over different pages. The SharePoint portfolio includes many libraries that help users access the permissions and related data easily.

Get the best Salesforce Development Services for your business from GetOnCRM
Get the best Salesforce Development Services for your business from GetOnCRM

2. High Security

The SharePoint tool is a highly secure platform combined with the Salesforce CRM platform. The data stored on the platform is kept secure and safe from unauthorized access. The user organization can customize the security checkpoints and processes at every step to control the environment. The use of SharePoint also helps the business establish proper compliance standards in its processes. This benefits the consumers and the company itself. The tool takes an overall audit of the data stored on the platform and takes actions needed on old, outdated records.

3. Easy Customization

The Salesforce CRM platform is known for its customization potential. The SharePoint tool is also a very highly customizable interface. The platform can be specifically customized for certain processes to fit the business needs and goals very well. The customization potential of SharePoint enhances the productivity and capabilities of the Salesforce CRM solutions.

4. Social Community

The SharePoint platform also extends the possibility of building a social community within the business organization where data can be shared, people can be tagged, and professionals can network. The employees who use the integrated platform will be able to see the news feed and stay updated about tasks and progress on joint processes. Therefore, the SharePoint Salesforce CRM integrated platform has the potential to become an extensive suite for employees and management.

The SharePoint Salesforce CRM Integration Process

You have to follow many steps to integrate SharePoint with Salesforce CRM. The steps to integrate the two platforms are as follows:

1. Salesforce Files Connect

The consultant must enable the Salesforce Files Connect tool for the integration process. The consultant has to log in to the active Salesforce CRM account and search for the Files connect option. When the person can find the Files Connect tool, he has to go to the edit option and alter settings for the integration. The consultant has to choose the enable files to connect option to ensure that the platform is ready for the integration process.

2. Grant Permission

The consultant has to search for the permission set option and choose User Access Permission Sets from the search results. The consultant must then enable permissions for the Files connect option to complete the integration process. Once Files Connect has access to the platform, it can make the necessary changes required for integration.

Want to integrate tools with Salesforce? Leverage GetOnCRM for Salesforce Integration services for perfect business growth
Want to integrate tools with Salesforce? Leverage GetOnCRM for Salesforce Integration services for perfect business growth

3. Establish Authentication Provider

The consultant has to search for Auth Provider so that the platform can get certain authentications before the whole process is complete. The consultant has to choose the Provide type option under new Auth providers and then choose Microsoft Access Control Services as the authentication provider for SharePoint. Then the consultant can add additional details and save the authentication details with a click on Save. The consultant has to then save the callback URL generated from the process.

4. Configure SharePoint

The next step is to configure the second part of this process, the SharePoint account. The consultant has to sign in to the SharePoint Account and choose the sites he wants to register for integration. The consultant has to note down the path of access too. Once the SharePoint account is configured, the integration process is almost complete.

The application domain for the integrated system will be Salesforce CRM. After this, you can create new applications from the integrated platform with combined capabilities. The developer is redirected to a new page when the application is created. The developer can copy and paste the URL on the search bar and be redirected to a miniature form of the application created. Then, he can control the permissions of usage of this application.

GetOnCRM Solutions, a Salesforce Integration Consultant will be able to help businesses in the whole process of SharePoint and Salesforce CRM integration. Many consultants specialize in this process. Once the SharePoint app is configured, the consultant has to reconfigure the Salesforce CRM front with the help of the Files Connect option. The process is lengthy, but it yields great results in terms of data management.

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