How Manufacturing Industry Can Leverage The Power Of Salesforce To Boost Their Business

Salesforce for manufacturing

In the modern technology age, the traditional methods used in the manufacturing industry have become irrelevant. Now the manufacturers are thinking of reinventing the business processes. The main bottlenecks the industry is facing are visibility into customer metrics, data-led decisions, and streamlined collaboration. 

This is where the Salesforce for manufacturing industries comes to the rescue. Salesforce is developing newer tools for resolving the challenges encountered by manufacturers. These days tools such as Sales Cloud, Sustainability Cloud, and Manufacturing Cloud can aid the manufacturing industries to synchronize with the evolving demands.

Most enterprises are undergoing digital transformation and regaining enhanced financial stability to sustain themselves in this competitive world. A custom Salesforce development solution is a powerful tool that brings in better functionalities, and its offering helps them in the growth of the overall business. You can benefit from the Salesforce power and its plethora of features mentioned below that provide you a competitive advantage.

Ways in Which the Manufacturing Industry Can Benefit from Salesforce

1. Commercial Management

Salesforce has introduced Manufacturing Cloud to align the needs of manufacturers and shifted their focus towards a tool that drives more value across the chain of customers. Through Account 360, the Manufacturing Cloud drives wider organizational functions and sales or services to support commercial management.

It acts as a foundation for the manufacturer’s overall journey of digital transformation. It helps in emphasizing account management by enabling organizations for the integration of lead-to-revenue and business processes aftermarket. This creates an Account 360, which passes through organizational boundaries.

2. Accurate Forecasts

With Salesforce, you can get a complete view, and teams can leverage it for collaborating in real-time. This makes collaboration faster and provides accurate forecasts. Several opportunities can be found out and followed. Manufacturers can make their forecast metrics and algorithm that fits their business the most. You can capitalize on all leads and ensure that the resources are best utilized by using an accurate forecast.

3. Powerful Analytics

The manufacturing companies should know about their financial standing, account health, and product performance. Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics helps in getting amazing insights and recommendations for everyday operations. The account team can take advantage of the analytics power for optimizing processes. Salesforce seamlessly integrates with ERP connectors to help you in capturing order information while reducing complexity. It is a great system that needs few resources and less maintenance.

salesforce integration services
salesforce integration services

4. Maintaining Customer Relationships

Managing better relationships with customers and driving business growth is the priority of every manufacturer. This becomes possible with Salesforce as it offers the customer activity’s 360 views and helps meet customer demands and relationships in the transforming market conditions. The Community Cloud tool is best for such operations and aids in stabilizing supply or demand.

5. ERP and CRM Implementation

Today manufacturers witness the challenge of managing orders. It means that they face difficulty in fulfilling customer needs early. To overcome such a challenge, they have to take advantage of the CRM system of Salesforce and the ERP systems. CRM systems help handle data in the front-end, and ERP systems manage critical information in the back-end. Connected data becomes crucial for successful decision-making for the business. Integrating CRM and ERP systems can take your business to greater heights.

Implementation of Salesforce with the help of a Salesforce development company can help you better manage complex supply and distribution chains and meet the product demands. Synchronizing the CRM with ERP can enhance customer service, elevate data visibility, improve data accuracy, business process optimization, data management automation, and many more.

6. Service Value Escalation through Assets

For managing the asset data of customers and enabling better work processes, Salesforce solutions are highly needed. The technicians of field service can reduce service costs while improving customer satisfaction with Salesforce. Areas like Sales can benefit from asset information for finding out all possible up-sell or cross-sell opportunities into the customer base. It becomes easier to identify problems in the field and customer service and do the needed replacements through precise asset specifications. Salesforce Asset 360 offers a solution of asset data to attain these value areas.

7. Take Advantage of Channel Partners for Driving Revenue

The manufacturing business heavily depends on the channel partners. With the deployment of the PRM program, manufacturers can capitalize on their partnerships. Experience Cloud of Salesforce enables partners to get and register more qualified leads to increase the channel’s overall revenue and increase brand loyalty. The Marketing Cloud helps partners to engage their customers and leads, enabling manufacturers to escalate their reach.

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By providing partners with some digital tools, they can create and manage opportunities like building quotes, streamlining sales, etc. Moreover, forecasts that are partner-specific by Manufacturing Cloud aids in driving revenue accuracy along with each partner’s performance. By enabling your channel partners with data and solutions, service cases and warrant management becomes easy.


Salesforce provides all these capabilities, which you can leverage to take your business to the next level. The multitude of tools such as Marketing Cloud, Analytics, and Communities all help stabilize the financial stream and boost your business growth.

At GetOnCRM Solutions, We help with Salesforce for manufacturing industries to get their CRM off the ground with a professional Salesforce implementation process catered to their specific needs. Contact us for any Salesforce requirements.