Salesforce Commerce Cloud Features That Benefit Your eCommerce Business

salesforce commerce cloud

Nowadays, consumers are going digital and prefer to shop or buy online for their essential and luxury things. In such a scenario, salesforce is helping worldwide retailers and brands to serve their customers online effectively. As an e-commerce business owner, you must consider offering a hassle-free customer experience and enhancing your online presence worldwide.

Thus, choosing salesforce commerce cloud integration for your e-commerce business can inform you about capitalizing on the requirements and needs of customers. If you are wondering how you can benefit from the features of Salesforce Commerce, then keep reading this post.

What Are The Important Features Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

1. Storefront Reference Architecture

Storefront reference architecture is considered an advanced framework that can help develop a professional and customized website in no time. You can successfully maintain your website using embedded digital innovation technologies, pre-designed wireframes, and valued customization integrations.

2. Commerce Cloud Digital

It has been identified that the e-commerce business can develop a fully responsive website with the support of mobile frameworks, popular tools, and other important features. But the salesforce commerce cloud integration in the e-commerce business can help in extending your target audience and show the online store presence on social media. Many experts say that this feature in Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to reduce cart abandonment, optimize searches and mobile payment, and improve your customer experience on mobile devices by developing your branded app.

3. Order Management

It has been identified that the salesforce commerce cloud integration can help you to automate the payment process, optimize the process of delivering and fulfilling the orders of customers across the world, and manage cancellations and returns.

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4. Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle

If you want to make the purchasing process easier and unify your shopping channels, then Salesforce Commerce Cloud can help you do it for your store associations and customers. The endless commerce cloud aisle feature can provide your team access to the information on online inventory and customer databases and offers personalized customer experiences. Likely, you can give your customers better salesforce commerce cloud support to create their desired items Wishlist. You can also showcase special offers in your store by reducing your walk-in sales

5. Commerce Platform

The salesforce commerce cloud does not require specific coding skills to develop an e-commerce website. It offers different templates, commerce APIs, and developer tools. This also makes it possible to receive data-driven insights about the customers’ personal experiences within a single platform. If you want to develop a professional e-commerce website, you need to take the help of a professional salesforce commerce cloud consultant.

6. Commerce Portals

Your e-commerce business can engage and encourage your customers with loyalty programs to develop long-term relationships. The salesforce commerce cloud supports tracking the stats of your customer’s behaviour, which can offer related learning materials for your customers on their shopping path. You can also provide your customers with brand updates and relevant content through social media, communities, and newsletters.

What Are The Major Benefits Of The Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

After analysing the key features of the salesforce commerce cloud, it becomes important for your e-commerce business to understand the key benefits.

Get the best Salesforce Development Services for your business from GetOnCRM
Get the best Salesforce Development Services for your business from GetOnCRM

1. Better Customer Support

It has been identified that the salesforce commerce cloud support provides round-the-clock support for all its users. This supportive team works effectively to help in resolving different issues, improve security concerns, fix codes, and others.

2. Improved Marketing Tools

The salesforce commerce cloud integration makes it possible for your e-commerce business to connect your potential customers with the best price, right product, offers, variety, and content at the right time. It can likely help promote average order value and maximize conversion rates. Here, you will get an option to share and manage content, product information, and images among different categories, websites, and catalogues.

Moreover, the salesforce commerce cloud has enabled your business to merge everything across different sites with various currencies in different languages. You can get a complete package with salesforce commerce cloud and give a one-stop solution for managing email marketing campaigns, all your paid advertising, reporting for your business, and social media management.

3. Open Customization

You can get the freedom to design a customer-friendly and unique e-commerce experience with the salesforce commerce cloud support. It streamlines the process of single-page checkout. The salesforce can offer a smooth checkout experience by supporting Apple Pay online. This first commerce solution lets the user finish the transaction process in a single touch.

4. Predictive Intelligence

When your e-commerce business starts growing, it will result in more data that requires analysis and segregated property, which can create a big blunder in the future. Analysing the vast amount of data can take more time but can help you succeed in decision-making. The salesforce commerce cloud developed Einstein AI to enlarge the artificial intelligence implementation, save time, and simplify things for e-commerce businesses.

It is called the next-generation AI platform that helps eliminate manual data analysis and the requirement for third-party extensions. Therefore, you can take the salesforce commerce cloud support to integrate 3rd party artificial intelligence tools and automate your digital marketing efforts and data analysis.

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5. Mobile-Friendly

Many salesforce commerce cloud consultants have found that a wide range of online traffic comes from mobile devices. Even more orders are placed through mobile devices. Thus, it becomes important for your e-commerce business to emphasize the mobile-friendly interface to get a responsive website for your business. Therefore, introducing the salesforce commerce cloud can make this easier as it provides a better mobile experience to the users. Likely, you can create a cohesive and quick process for buyers in purchasing and shopping.

6. Other Benefits

The salesforce commerce cloud can also help you improve your business’s scalability and provides you with omnichannel capabilities and internationalization of business.

It has been found that the salesforce commerce cloud is a scalable and powerful e-commerce platform that can give you many benefits with its effective features. Thus, you must hire a salesforce commerce cloud consultant to gain deeper insight into the salesforce integration.

GetOnCRM Solutions is a global Salesforce silver consulting partner in the UK. We are helping new start-ups and existing businesses to help them with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services. With this platform, eCommerce businesses can ensure more effective success in a positively competitive era.

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