How To Use Salesforce Service Cloud To Effectively Manage Your Customers

How To Use Salesforce Service Cloud To Effectively Manage Your Customers

Salesforce needs no introduction. Among many of its revolutionary products, Salesforce Service Cloud certainly is the most buzzed one at present. Service Cloud is a platform for customer support or, in technical language, a CRM platform. The prime purpose behind its design was to enhance the way businesses communicate with their customers. At the same time, it aimed to uplift the businesses upon helping them make the right business decision.

Implementing Salesforce Cloud

Salesforce service cloud implementation is about the centralization of the customer detail. At the same time, it aims to provide user-friendly tools for the agents, the customers, and even the management. To simplify things, Salesforce Service Cloud is developed over Salesforce Customer-360.

The distinguishing aspect of the platform is that it can thoroughly unify data. The process enables distinct systems to have access to the same data in various modes through various channels. It provides a comprehensive customer view, considering that the data remains thoroughly upgraded and maintained here. 

Salesforce service cloud solutions have explicit tools meant for CRM to access the unified data; interestingly, more amounts of data are getting added. It provides tools for the agents to offer swifter and much-enhanced customer service. There is a range of tools available for the customers that facilitates a greater level of self-service. There are tools for the executives as well for analysis of overall data factors of Service Cloud.

How Does It Work?

For having greater clarity on the functionality of Salesforce Service Cloud, it is essential to go through the features meant for all dimensions. The abstracts below explore things better for greater comprehension.

For Agents

The agents witness the customer data mentioned earlier at one place. The tools offered can also be found in a single location. This first of all include the details about the case, priorities, as well as the status. There remain timers, as well as milestone trackers as well to ensure greater response timing.

There needs to be useful detail about the case, including the macros developed for swift processing. Additionally, there remains the option for answering a customer through the mode of contact he/she prefers. There also remains the option for rechanneling the cases smoothly and effectively.

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For Customers

The experience of a customer with Salesforce Service Cloud is moreover based on the smoothness of use and accessibility. What is crucial here is to add self-service and multiple options for greater support of customers, irrespective of the way they select. Apart from these, there remains also the option of developing communities for P2P knowledge and support team fixing of issues.

One can access the communities exactly the way the customers would wish. Communities offer content in a personalized way, which includes useful articles, as well as customer experience. Finding the best recommendations of products, as well as services can be easily found. There remains the option for connecting with the support team through the community site. Customers can obtain updates about the case through the community site as well.

For Executives

The way Service Cloud tools function for the executives is all about the performance of the team, as well as the analytics of the business. There are customized dashboards and reports available; those can be used for viewing the data. When needed, the data can be witnessed remotely as well.

Executives can make the adjustments when it is essential, moreover for the tracking in real-time. Here emphasis can be more on the customers, and the customers’ accomplishments can be kept track of. Executives can share the details with anybody who wants the same.

Benefits of Service Cloud That Can Tremendously Boost Your Business

Upon going through the way Service Cloud functions, certain incredible benefits become apparent. First of all, it offers customer support, reliable, swift, personalized, and comprehensive. Statistics claim that Service Cloud can boost agent productivity by 40 percent and boost customer retention rate by 34 percent. Service Cloud is meant for scaling up the business, turning it into an enduring solution.

One can take business decisions as per the accuracy of the data and development by the explicit customer base of the business. Coming with incredible record-keeping, it makes things simpler for addressing the concerns of compliance and being user-friendly. Its ability to make things more efficient can lower the stress from the employees, thus uplifting customer retention rate and thus minimizing the costs.


All said and done; Salesforce Cloud has amazing benefits for the business of all levels. The best part, the platform is thoroughly customizable. At the same time being scalable, its ability to be customized provides boosts scopes for the business groups and the service teams incredibly. In short, it’s a must consider for those who want to stay ahead of competitors in modern-day business.

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