Grow Your Ecommerce Business With Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC, formerly Demandware) is a promising SaaS solution for businesses that want to go online and provide exceptional customer service across multiple touchpoints. SFCC is an excellent eCommerce website development platform because it combines the benefits of AI, order management, and cloud technology. It enables a quick return on investment for your company and allows you to develop and provide a seamless and intuitive service for customers.

It can be challenging to meet every customer’s needs because they have different options. A business must always exercise caution when recognizing and utilizing its requirements and conditions. Are you curious about how Salesforce Commerce Cloud services can assist in this regard? How can we ensure that Salesforce Commerce Cloud can effectively manage your company and address all issues? Find out by reading on!

What Are The Features Of Salesforce To Help You To Grow Your Business?

1. Extensive Omnichannel Suite

Salesforce Trade Cloud enables you to associate your clients across all conceivable touchpoints, both physical and computerized. A client might begin their excursion from your site, check surveys via virtual entertainment, submit a request through a live visit with your help group, and get it at the disconnected shop. Salesforce deals with any conceivable situation to make their experience perfect.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud can consolidate Online business, request the board, and independent store activities in one SaaS arrangement. This stage’s essential center empowers retailers to maintain their business across different channels from a solitary location. It is believed to smooth out the tasks, deals, and satisfaction at scale.

2. Artificial Intelligence That Can Predict

More data will need to be separated and analyzed as businesses expand. However, as is common knowledge, it takes significant time to analyze your extensive data set and make good decisions. Salesforce developed Einstein AI to expand the application of artificial intelligence to eCommerce businesses and save time. With Einstein AI in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can simplify upselling and enhance customer shopping experiences.

It adjusts search results, product sorting, and recommendations by analyzing how customers use your store. Third-party extensions and manual data analysis are unnecessary on this next-generation artificial intelligence platform. Salesforce Commerce Cloud now supports the integration of third-party AI tools, allowing you to automate your digital marketing efforts and assist with data analysis.

3. Personalization And Segmentation

Customer data are divided into geographic, demographic, and behavioral categories using Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This enables you to create experiences for your customers that are more targeted and personalized at every stage of their journey, which in turn encourages them to make frequent purchases. Additionally, it gives us the ability to customize in a variety of ways:

    1. Personalization across all channels

    2. Making predictions for customers

    3. One-on-one predictions for every customer in real-time

    4. Gaining insights and making predictions about the behavior of potential customers in the future

You can create a one-of-a-kind, user-friendly eCommerce experience with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This includes making the one-page checkout process easier to use. One of the first commerce solutions to support Apple Pay online, Salesforce makes it easy to check out. Users can complete the entire transaction with just one touch.

4. Enhanced Tools For Marketing

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration, you can connect your customers with the right product, variety, price, offer, and content at the right time, thereby increasing average order value and maximizing conversion rates. You can manage and share content, images, and information about products across various websites, categories, and catalogs.

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can combine these things across multiple websites in multiple languages and currencies. You can get your company’s paid advertising, email marketing campaigns, social media management, and reporting under one roof. The advanced e-commerce merchandising toolkit makes it possible for pricing and product display to be consistent across nations.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud services will assist you in adapting key messages, testing them across channels, and driving sales by striking the right chord with your customers, in addition to taking your campaign’s launch and monitoring to the next level, due to its sophisticated marketing features.

5. Increased Scalability

eCommerce platforms need to be able to grow with businesses. Every major brand needs to handle a lot of inventory, a lot of transactions, a lot of traffic, and sudden spikes in traffic. Companies can use Salesforce Commerce Cloud to deal with spikes in traffic right away, scale automatically, create pages that load faster, guarantee safe transactions, and more.

The platform provides a scalable database, memory allocation, caching, computing power, and network bandwidth. Additionally, load balancing is designed specifically for an eCommerce business’s performance and scalability; it can easily handle millions of users daily without causing system downtime.

6. Mobile Friendly

55% of all orders are placed on mobile devices, accounting for 73% of online traffic. Having a mobile-friendly interface on a responsive website has become a priority. As a result, salesforce solutions for e-commerce provide users with a rich mobile experience to make this easier. Buyers will experience a more seamless and quick shopping experience as a result.

7. Analytics and Performances

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has a proven track record of excellent performance, assisting numerous well-known brands in serving millions of users worldwide daily. Salesforce Commerce Cloud collects and stores data from visitors to your website for you to use in various reports, including sales and promotions, traffic and testing results, and more.

8. Customer Service

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides better customer visibility. Therefore, there is no need to guess what your customers want or how to assist them. Additionally, the platform enables your support agents to provide services that focus on the customer’s needs, reduce call time by 25% and reduce case volume by 10%. They make it a point to address all issues, from modifying codes to addressing security concerns and assisting in resolving multiple issues.


Multi-store management, increased scalability, tools for marketing, and other native features make Salesforce Commerce cloud integration an effective and scalable e-commerce platform. The nature of your business, your priorities, the amount of freedom and customization you need, and the level of agility you want from your platform all play a role in your decision to go with Salesforce Commerce cloud.

You can scale almost definitely, apply a data-driven strategy to your promotional activities, and accelerate your time-to-market with  GetOnCRM for Salesforce consultation services; businesses can benefit from the expertise of experienced professionals who can provide tailored solutions for their unique needs. The latter is attainable due to the Page Designer’s extensive customization and numerous add-ons. Select the Salesforce Commerce cloud features that best meet your business needs.

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