Everything You Need To Know About Salesforce Non Profit Success Pack

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack implementation service

The nonprofit community Salesforce consists of around 47,000 nonprofits working to make the NPSP or Nonprofit Success Pack solution that streamlines the organization’s operation. Salesforce is nonprofit technology created on the best CRM platform, i.e., Salesforce. This nonprofit success pack is available for free. However, the pack is only free till ten users utilize it, which seems doable and reasonable. But you should get the Salesforce properly configured, and to start it, you will also have to access the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack implementation service for leveraging all its benefits.

For beginners, the Salesforce solution and NPSP make it the right solution to get started. The NPSP is created with the ideology relationship-first to aid you in customer relationship management. Profits can utilize it for tracking sales leads, marketing initiatives, and clients. Meanwhile, nonprofits get help in donor management, prospect research, fundraising leads, and other campaigns. You may have many questions regarding the NPSP of Salesforce. So, without further ado, let’s understand everything about Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack.

What is Salesforce NPSP?

Salesforce NPSP is built on the top CRM is an open-source and free solution accessible through Salesforce AppExchange. It is created with multiple one-of-a-kinds and powerful features for helping nonprofit organizations manage their customer data. They can also lead fundraising and other programs via one single platform. The Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack services offer a comprehensive, sophisticated and effective platform for donations, program management, fundraising campaigns, and volunteer management.

Nonprofit organizations can leverage the NPSP to seamlessly manage households and contacts, accounts, grant lifecycles, and donation payments. NPSP is ideal for tracking all relationships between donations, recurring donations, and contacts.

For understanding the concept, you must first learn some of the terminologies in Salesforce.

1. Object

These are like spreadsheets you utilize for tracking information. They are tabs present at Salesforce’s screen to measure various aspects of nonprofits. Standard objects are an essential part of the platform, including contacts, accounts, opportunities, and leads. You can build custom objects for tracking specific priorities.

2. Records

These are spreadsheet cells where one can input information as per the right object. For instance, you will have a donor’s name field in the object accounts. There the record displays the name of the donor.

3. Fields

All objects have fields attached to themselves. Here one finds the details of any object that you are looking for.

Advantages of Salesforce NPSP

Salesforce NPSP has amazing capabilities that help organizations manage campaigns, programs, volunteers, grants, etc. Some benefits through the implementation of Salesforce CRM with the NPSP system are as follows:

  • It is free for only ten users.
  • The NPSP aids in executing more extensive configurations with much ease.
  • With NPSP, the data models function together seamlessly.
  • It is customizable and configurable as per an individual’s specific needs.
Salesforce Development Services for your remote sales team
Salesforce Development Services for your remote sales team

Top Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack Features

1. Constituent or Donor Management

In Nonprofits, many constituents and donors are there. By leveraging the Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack features, you can properly manage each household and constituent. Moreover, you can easily track the constituent or donor information like contact information and demographics. With NPSP, you can view organization affiliations and relationships.

2. Engagement Management

Connecting with constituents is a major feature of NPSP. One can define track as well as engage constituents’ levels. Along with that, volunteer engagement and tracking onboarding become easy. The nonprofits can also use NPSP to engage with all program participants.

3. Grant and Donation Management

Nonprofits like to remain top of grants and donations. When you hire a Salesforce NPSP expert, you can utilize the best of the platform and track and manage donations. You can easily maintain all your recurring donations. Furthermore, you can access the history of giving campaigns, matching gifts, soft credits, and allocate funds.

4. Campaign Management

Through Salesforce NPSP, organizations get the help of building and tracking the progress of the programs or fundraising. Nonprofits can make deduplicated lists of emails from the campaign created. They can also update members of the campaign through opportunity campaigns.

5. Volunteer Management

The major pillar of nonprofits is volunteers. Salesforce NPSP can let you manage every volunteer program through understanding and tracking the volunteer hours. The profiles can match the skills of volunteers in the NPSP, and one can track volunteer opportunities or jobs. The specific event details for specific jobs can be tracked so that the volunteers can do their sign-ups as per their shifts.

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6. Mobile Salesforce NPSP

It provides you complete access to the nonprofit data in the mobile application. The users can make and update all essential data from the mobile apps. Household account contacts and donations are accessible through NPSP.

7. Analytics

Using Salesforce NPSP, one can get numerous pre-built reports. These are useful for tracking grants, donors, giving, memberships, grants, campaign ROI, etc.


The NPSP of Salesforce is great for nonprofits as it comes with multiple features. It has pre-built constituents and many management features which make it suitable for nonprofits. After reading everything above, you can understand that it can increase the productivity of organizations many times, so they should implement it as soon as possible.

The nonprofit success pack of Salesforce is specially designed for NGOs. At GetOnCRM Solutions, we help customers to get their CRM off the ground with a professional Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack implementation service. Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack services help nonprofits efficiently handle their business operations.