Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience With 5 Must Have Service Cloud Enhancements

salesforce service cloud enhancements

Customer experience is the fulcrum of any industry and its market front. Every industry floats its ventures and revenue on the scaffold of customer interactions and experience derived from it. If the customer does not relate with the business and its products, they are not sustainable in the market for a long time.

Industries are using multiple technologies to interact with customers and heighten their experiences. Customized service cloud enhancements play a huge part in enhancing customer experience. The article focuses on the Salesforce service cloud enhancements you can make for better customer interaction and a fruitful experience. These are enhancements that a Salesforce service cloud consultant will suggest for your business.

The Top Service Cloud Integrations That Enhance Customer Experience

1. Community Integration for Better Customer Communication

A particular Salesforce service cloud service is the integration of the community with the Salesforce platform. This minimizes communication gaps in multiple channels that connect the community to the business. With clear communication, the business will hear valuable feedback from the customers.

A brand community integrated with the Salesforce platform has multiple benefits. The community integration feature helps the company extend better customer service by including existing customers in the equation. The integration creates an interactive community of customers who help each other troubleshoot matters. This enhances customer experience without much workload on company customer support executives.

However, customer support executives step in where the issue is too complex. On the other hand, it also creates a community that includes existing customers, new customers, and customer service assistants. The dynamic community integration helps collect customer data to resolve common issues and increase the impact of customer service.

2. Integration with Product Management Tools for Better Products

The Salesforce service cloud integrating with a product management tool helps improve the product management and development process. The integration gives product designers, and managers access to customer insights to create a relevant and in-demand product. The integration helps product managers analyze what the customer wants and improve an existing product with new features.

The product development experts can easily collaborate with SMEs with a targeted approach to create a customer-centric product. In a saturated market, using Salesforce service cloud features for product development is smart product creation. The products need to be based on customer feedback and requests. The CRM platform helps you include product analytics for better management.

Effectively process your company demands, Choose Salesforce Service Cloud with flexibility and help it grow in every step with evolving sales, marketing, and customer support
Effectively process your company demands, Choose Salesforce Service Cloud with flexibility and help it grow in every step with evolving sales, marketing, and customer support

3. Integration with Support Analytics for Remote Monitoring

Support analytics is very important to understand the data collected through the CRM solution. Analytics are necessary for forecasts and projections. The analytics tools consider customer tendencies and behavior and predict the revenue and profits after a complete sales cycle. The analytics tools help gain insights into the support team activities and key performance metrics. The key performance metrics of the team let you know their productivity and efficiency.

Often, the support team works in the field and needs remote monitoring. The support analytics help understand levels of customer satisfaction from the data so that customer experience can be boosted. With the help of analytics, you can micromanage the support team and enhance performance indicators to make it a revenue generation channel.

4. Integration with Account Health Monitoring Systems

An account health monitoring system helps analyze customer lifecycle and provides in-depth insights on account health. The system can predict customer behavior and tendencies so that the next step in sales is strategized. Before realizing particular customer actions, you can identify customer satisfaction gaps and account for health parameters to avoid risks.

5. Power Service Console Integration for Data Management

The power service console helps streamline data across different databases. If the company keeps crucial data across multiple dispersed databases, the power service console brings in advanced search features for better access to data at any given time. The console acts as a single dashboard for data management and searches across multiple databases. The platform can help you retrieve complex data at a faster rate. This data retrieval process helps your company save time and enhance customer experience.

6. Integration of Lightning Services for Better CRM Tools

Lightning Services from Salesforce are the future of CRM. There are many advanced tools in the Salesforce suite that are Lightning only. The Lightning Services integration is very fast for a Salesforce service cloud service partner. With Lightning-only tools, you can get a competitive edge over your peer companies in CRM and customer expectations management.

Multiple service cloud integrations help improve internal processes and their output in the customer experience arena. These enhancements are an advisable way of improving the customer relationship and experience catered by the brand.

Every customer wants to be heard when he faces issues. With the help of system integrations, your company will give a portal to the customers for issue escalation. The community and customer support executives resolve most of the issues with the help of troubleshooting. However, some issues may need the help of experts and the technical team. In such cases, a defined escalation system is a foremost necessity.

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The company can also run customer surveys from time to time and integrate the escalation portal with the surveys. This helps them submit their opinion and issues in one go. This also helps your company filter out the widest scaled issues so that they can be resolved before it’s too late. These days, automatic escalation of a case after an extent of customer dissatisfaction is also possible. This will ensure that the customer is not facing any problems using your company’s services.

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